The custom of wearing anklets and toe rings

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Woman’s bare foot with anklet and toe-ring

A woman’s bare right foot with an anklet attached to a toe ring on the great toe, and both the ornaments connected with a chain

This is a photo of a woman’s bare right foot with a toe ring on the great thumb attached to an anklet, also called ankle bracelet or ankle chain. Toe rings and anklets can be worn as separate, individual pieces of jewelry; they can be linked with a chain, and can be worn on one foot or both the feet, depending on the wearer’s personal choice and fashion sense.

Originally, these pieces of ornaments were worn by women of South and Southeast Asia; though there are archeological evidences to show that such ornaments were fashionable about 2000 years ago even in some locations in Europe, the Levant, and the Middle East.

Wearing anklets and toe rings has been customary or mandatory for married Hindu women according to Hindu customs and traditions in most parts of India. Where such customs are followed, a toe ring is worn on the great toe of the left foot to indicate the married status of a Hindu woman. And such toe rings are worn most commonly on the second toe of the foot.

However, toe rings and anklets are now worn as fashion accessories by women in the western countries and elsewhere. These items of jewelry entered the western fashion scene in a big way, especially in the United States from the 1970s.

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