Paul Cézanne: The Judgement of Paris

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The Judgement of Paris, painting by Paul Cézanne

The Judgement of Paris (Urteil des Paris), oil on canvas painting by Paul Cézanne, 15 cm x 21 cm, private collection

The Judgement of Paris has been the subject of paintings and sculptures created by thousands of artists around the world. The painting above shows another version of it by the French Post-Impressionist artist Paul Cézanne (1839-1906), who created the work in the period between1862 and1864.

The painting depicts the three goddesses Juno (Hera), Venus (Aphrodite) and Athena (Minerva) who all claimed to be ‘the fairest’ (or ‘the most beautiful’), and Paris, a Trojan mortal who was appointed judge by Zeus, declaring Venus as the winner and handing over the golden apple to her. There are no other recognizable figures of humans or gods or goddesses in the painting, unlike some other works on the theme in which more characters in the legend can often be seen.

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