Oak Alley Plantation near the Mississippi River

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Trees in Oak Alley Plantation

The Oak Alley near the Mississippi River, located in the community of Vacherie, Louisiana, USA - wallpaper size: 2560 x 1920

The Oak Alley is a beautiful, romantic pathway that leads to the Mississippi River, and created by two rows of live oaks in the Oak Alley Plantation located in Vacherie, Louisiana, U.S.A. These oaks which are about 800 feet (240 meters) tall were planted in the beginning of the 18th century, much before the building in it, the ‘Oak Alley Plantation Mansion’, was built (1837-1839) for its first owner Jacques Telesphore Roman, who was a successful Louisiana businessman and planter.

The oaks belong to Quercus, a genus of trees and shrubs, which have about 600 recognized species of plants native to the northern hemisphere. The genus includes both evergreen and deciduous plants species found in several regions of Asia and the Americas with cool temperate to tropical climates. In the spring, oaks produce flowers that after pollination grow to fruits (nuts) called acorns.

After the ownership of Jacques Telesphore Roman, the oak plantation and the mansion inside it changed many hands. Though the American Civil War did not cause much physical damage to the property, it suffered from financial problems and continued disrepair during the management of its successive owners until 1925, when it was acquired by Andrew and Josephine Stewart.

The Stewarts carried out extensive restoration work, and after the death of Josephine Stewart, her estate repaired the mansion and donated it along with the historic plantation to the Oak Alley Foundation, a nonprofit organization which opened the plantation to the public.

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