Mute Swans in Jeziorak Lake

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Mute Swans (Cygnus olor)

A pair of Mute Swans (Cygnus olor) in Lake Jeziorak in Iława Lakeland, northern Poland - wallpaper size: 1600 x 1200

The photo shows a swimming pair of Mute Swans (Cygnus olor) in Jeziorak Lake in the Ilawa Lakeland in Warmia-Masuria in northern Poland. The lake has 20 small islands which are ideal nesting grounds for swans and other waterfowls.

The landscape park (protected area) known as Iława Lakeland Scenic Park is part of the Ilawa Lakeland region. Established in 1993, the park is also known as Ilawa Lake District Landscape Park.

The park includes Jeziorak Lake and the Lasy Iławskie (Iławskie Forests) situated on the western edge of the lake. It is the longest lake in Poland with a length of about 27.5 km and width of about 2.5 km, and depth of 13 meters at its deepest point.

The Ilawa Lakeland region has become a very popular holiday destination, especially for tourists interested in water sports and those who are keen anglers, as the entire region is known for a number of small and big lakes with crystal clear water, clean environment and plenty of biodiversity consisting of a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The Mute Swans are one of the varieties of fauna found in the lake. Being monogamous birds, they can be often seen swimming in pairs, as seen in the picture above. They build their nests on small islands in the middle of the lake or among the vegetation on the shores of the lake. Swan couples take care of the nests and after cygnets are hatched they can be seen swimming as families.

Mute Swans are, usually, highly protective of their territories with only a single pair in a small lake; although they can be occasionally seen in colonies where the large areas of lakes provide comfortable and easy feeding habitats. Ducks, gulls and some omnivorous and herbivorous waterfowls can be seen close to swans because swans are capable of reaching underwater weeds and other water plants and often these float on water after the swans feed on them.

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