Lebanese music video director Leila Kanaan

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Lebanese film-video director Leila Kanaan

Portrait of Lebanese film and video director Leila Kanaan

Leila Kanaan is a Lebanese music video director, producer of TV commercials and filmmaker from Sidon (also known as Saida or Sayda), the third largest city in Lebanon.

Starting from 2004, she has directed a number of popular music videos, including three outstanding albums – Twassa Fey (2005), Enta Menni (2008), and Sukkar Ziyada (2010) – by the celebrated female Lebanese pop singer Carla Nazih Berkachi, better known by her stage name Yara. Leila’s other commendable work include videos for popular artists such as Ayman Al Aatar, Diana Haddad, Haifa Wehbe, Issa Ghandour, Joe Ashkar, Nancy Ajram, and Sofia Marrikh. She has also made two short films.

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