Bridal Mehndi, a type of Henna Body Art

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Arab woman’s hand with Henna body art

The palm of an Arab woman with Bridal Mehndi prior to wedding - wallpaper size 1600 x 1200

The picture shows typical henna art (Bridal Mehndi decoration) on the palm of an Arab woman prior to her wedding. Prior to wedding, and some other important family/ religious rituals, women in some Arab and Asian countries decorate their hands and feet with beautiful and complicated henna designs and patterns.

There are many variations in the makeup, costumes and other preparations and also in the manner in which marriages are celebrated in these regions, and these may change from country to country. In some traditions, the Henna Night is celebrated in which the bride’s female friends and family members assemble together and draw Mehndi art on the bride’s hands and feet. The occasion is a kind of ritualistic house party celebrated with the choicest cuisines and traditional music and dance. During the occasion, an experienced henna artist draws beautiful designs on the bride’s hands and feet. Her female friends, and/or female members of her family may also get their hands and feet decorated with henna patterns.

The use of henna to decorate young women’s hands and feet or as a body art has been practiced since the Bronze Age, especially in the eastern Mediterranean region, and now it can be found in many parts of the world. Irrespective of religion or other considerations, several groups also celebrate Henna Nights in henna-growing regions. Bridal Mehndi is also considered fashionable in countries such as India, Pakistan, and in some counties in the Arabian Peninsula, and North Africa.

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